What this is all about

This game is a joint project of eight tudents and one teacher. We set ourselves a goal of transforming Jerusalem into a city plagued by the supernatural. The use of the FATE system and The Dresden Files RPG core rules, allowed us to turn the more bizarre corners of Jerusalem into a web of dark and mysterious places.

Producing the supernatural out of the mundane was done as a collaborative work. Themes and threats of the city were produced after a long brainstorming and all places were “donated” by the players using their own childhood experiences in the city.

Our work is in Hebrew, as that is the language we all speak and while living in Jerusalem certainly made this easier, the main difficulty we encountered was incorporating the christian dresdenverse into a Judeo and Muslim setting. We tried to keep the original ideas while coloring them with Kabbalistic elements and historical truths..

As residents of Jerusalem we all tend to view it simply as the place we work and sleep at, but in this website you will find stories based upon true events and places. The faces in this work are fictional and any similarity to real names or people is accidental (honest!)

Three aspects were incorporated into our city:

  • A city that was built in unity (Psalm 122:3)- Three religions made Jerusalem their home. Two nations declared it its capital. Jeruslaem in our world is a city divided into political factions. Diversity and strife is at the heart of all places and groups of the city.
  • 5000 years of history- One of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem holds in its hills ancient secrets and arficats… Some of them better left forgotten.
    * And the land had no rest- A strong group of white vampires is pulling strings in Jerusalem. They feed on fear and they aren’t playing games. Using the conflict of the political groups in the city, they try to escalate every possible situation into violent events producing terror.


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What this is all about

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